Initially this was an experiment - I wanted to create a personalised portrait of my own family using macrame dolls. This was very well received by people close to me, which made me decide to offer them to everyone. Every portrait that you entrust me to create brings me so much joy and thankfulness, because they allow me to take a peak into your wonderful families and for a short moment become your ally and friend.

Event decoration

The first event where I felt the passion for this job was my own wedding. I love to create a vision, plan and execute everything to the tiniest detail, to create that "wow" effect which stays in your memories for the longest time. Celebrations are beautiful and creating them is my favourite thing! 


This was the next logical step after my love affair with event decoration, because flower are a staple of any event. I am still learning to love each flower, getting to know every plant and bravely stepping in this wonderful world filled with so many wonderful aromas. 

Original decors

Creating beauty is my passion, whether it's for a party or for everyday enjoyment, for myself or as a gift to someone. Macrame decors and accessories, decorative boards with print and macrame in collaboration with ESPdecor, personalised wall decors etc. I have so many ideas, which in future will find their place in this section.